Ordering and payments

How can I place orders with UNG Cosmetics?
Consumers: you can place your products directly in the basket. When you proceed to the checkout you can pay for the products with iDeal, Visa or Mastercard in a secure environment. The products will then be delivered.
UNG stockist: after you have completed the contact form, we shall send you your user name and password which you can use to log in (top right) to the webshop and place your order.

What are the delivery times for an order?
We ship orders from Monday to Thursday. If payment is received before 12.00 noon, your order is most likely to be dispatched the same day. Transaction speeds vary from bank to bank. You can expect to receive your order within 2-4 working days.

Which payments options do you offer?
We accept the following methods of payment:
For deliveries: Using iDeal, Visa or Mastercard. These let you to pay for your order online in a trusted, secure and convenient way.
For collections: You can pay in the showroom by cash or with your chip & PIN card. You can of course also pay in advance with iDeal.
Picking orders up at the showroom is only available to UNG stockists unless separate arrangements have been made.

Can I still change my order?
As soon as the payment transaction is complete, the order can no longer be changed. This does not apply when collecting from the UNG showroom.

What should I do if there is a technical fault while I’m placing my order?
If there is a technical fault during the order placement or payment procedure click here to contact us and report your complaint.

2. Shipping and costs
What are the shipping costs?
For purchases below €50.00 (ex. VAT) you will be charged €3.95 for the shipping costs.
Orders of €50.00 (ex. VAT) or more will be sent to you free of charge.

Can I have my order delivered to a different address?
If you want an order shipped to a different address, you don’t have to change your invoice address. You can simply change the delivery address.

How do I know whether my order has been successful?
You will receive an on-screen order confirmation and an email.  You will only see the on-screen confirmation and email if your order has been successful. Please save your order number carefully.
You will need to quote it if you should subsequently contact our customer service with a query.

3. Returns
I ordered the wrong product by mistake. Can I still return it?
We do not take back delivered and accepted products unless otherwise agreed. Returns that have not been agreed beforehand will be refused and the costs charged to the consumer. We are entitled to charge the consumer for the shipping costs.

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